1) Does this suit all hair types?
Yes, it supports all hair types.

2) Can we continue using Nuskha oils even after 6 weeks?

Yes, you can continue the usage as per your need and liking. It is all about giving good nutrition to your hair and scalp. It is not a medical treatment but a natural therapy to follow to manage your hair.

3) Can we leave it for more than 1 night?

The need for healing is about 1 night. But if you could not wash the hair the very second day, it is ok to leave it for longer. There is no harm.

 4) Is it specific to gender or age?

No it is not for any specific gender. It suits male and female both. It is advisable to use it after 16+ years of age.

5) Does this help in baldness?

The kind of ingredients we are using to make Nuskha scalp therapy oils can support to grow hair and helps in minimizing hair fall. But, there are multiple reasons for baldness so we do not guarantee. Results may vary body to body.

 6) Does this help in premature greying?

Our oil contains black seed oil, coconut oil and few other special ingredients which helps to deal with premature greying. However, it may take longer to get the results on the same. Results may vary body to body.

7) Does this help in beard growth?

Yes, our oils support beard growth also.

8) Is it compulsory to warm the oil before we apply?

When we warm the oil before the usage, it helps the oil to penetrate more into the scalp. To increase the possibility of positive and faster results, warming up of oils up to certain degree is good.

9) Is using a conditioner important during the hair wash after applying Nuskha?

It is advisable to use conditioner during your wash to deal with the dryness of the hair, if your scalp is dry and itchy. Instead of a conditioner, you can use curd or egg protein also to deal with the dryness.

 10) Does this impact the coloured hair? 

Our therapy is mainly for scalp. If you are having coloured hair, please apply the drops to the scalp only. Also, we do not use any citric acid while making these oils. So it may not affect your coloured hair much if the quality of the colour is good.

11) Can we use this for children?

As the oil contains essential oils, It is advisable to use the oils on people with the age of 16+ years.